The Law of Attraction states that “like attracts like”.  Another way to say this is “as you are, so you attract”. The Law of Cause and Effect states that what goes around, comes around. Another way to say this is “as you think and do, so things happen to you”. Since both laws operate in both the positive and negative directions, wouldn’t it make sense to cultivate the positive? Sure it does, and here’s a simple guide on it. It’s called the 30 Traits Happy People Have in Common.

For the most part, they’re simple. They’re not necessarily easy. But all of them are worth working toward. Ultimately, it’s all about the choices you make, and the efforts you make. Put the effort in the positive direction, and the Laws ensure that positive things will come.

Remember that the Laws operate here and in the spirit world. Therefore, as you make positive changes, the better spirit folks will want to stay around and affect your life in positive ways. Keep it up, and before long, you’ll be inundated with all kinds of goodness!