Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

From a spiritual awareness perspective, many people live their lives as if they’re asleep. They look busy as they go about their daily things, but they’re really asleep. Little to no awareness of how intensely the spiritual world exists and is capable of impacting everything in your life on a positive level.

Here’s a story about someone who woke up and smelled the coffee. This person was in a coma for seven days, had a visit to the spirit world during that time, and then woke up.

He became a different person as a result of it, and apparently a better one. More fulfilled in this side of life. He wrote a book about it, which is coming out on the 23rd of this month.

The article is a bit lengthy, but very good. I would suggest taking the time to read all of it and watch the nearly 3 minute video as well.

Here’s a lump of sugar – he is a neurosurgeon who believed, like many such people do, that Near Death Experiences (NDE’s) were merely a physical aberration of some kind.

And here’s the creamer. He says that his neocortex, which he describes as the human part of the brain, was turned off the whole time. He says that all the tests they ran during his coma show it, and it takes the wind right out of the physical aberration argument.

Now that’s a better cup of coffee than your favorite coffee house could ever have.