Generally speaking, the Law of Attraction, which states that like attracts like, works for what you attract. For example, one expression of the law is that those who are on the good side of the good/evil continuum will attract the good spirits, because they’re similar on the good/evil continuum. But the law is much more subtle than the expression above would indicate. “Like attracts like” is the way things generally work, but that doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for a good person to attract an evil person. It can (and sometimes does) happen, particularly if the good person exposes themselves to evil people, for whatever reason, inadvertently or not.

One of the problems surrounding mediumship, and dealing with the spirit world in general, is the quality of what you attract, or perhaps more accurately, what attracts to you.  You can be a good person, or maybe somewhere in the middle of the continuum, and if you go exposing yourself to negative places/people, you can easily pick up a negative attachment. “Attachment” is a general term to refer to anything/anyone that hangs around/stays around you – attaches, so to speak. An attachment might be a person or persons, or perhaps just energy (vibration). Attachments can occur with anyone, whether they’re a medium, or not.

Here is an article that got me thinking about all of this.  I have no idea of what kind of person Zak Bagans is, and I’ve never seen his Ghost Adventures show, but it doesn’t matter. What does matter is this snippet from the article:

Has this affected you personally? I have a lot of problems in my house. I can’t have a girlfriend. I have a territorial female spirit that will not let me date any girls, and if I do, the [spirit] pushes them down the stairs. I’ve seen a girl do a tug of war with a purse in just air. So it is scary.

Reasonably assuming that he doesn’t want the spirit woman around in the first place, it isn’t good. Looks like a case of negative attachment to me. And there are other problems that are not mentioned. I daresay that he picked up these problems in the course of his ghost adventures. Unfortunately, the logic is very simple. If you’re cleaning people’s out houses all day, then you have to take a really good shower afterward, lest any of the “materials” you’ve been working with remain on you. If you’re cleaning the out houses of the spirit world, it’s another thing altogether, and taking a good shower isn’t so easy to do.

Frodo and the Black RidersAt the risk of offending Mr. Bagans, I can’t help but think about Frodo Baggins from Lord of the Rings. Seems to me that both Zak and Frodo have negative attachments.

In any event, I’ve sent some good thoughts his way, and hopefully, some of his problems clear up. I hope you send good thoughts too.