Dreams are one way that spirits can easily reach us, no matter how un-mediumistic we may happen to be. How do you know if they’re trying to reach you in a dream? There are no hard-and-fast rules for determining which type of dream a given dream is. For clarity, I’ll call normal dreams just dreams, and the other kind experience dreams. I haven’t been dreaming much lately, but over the years I’ve had many-many experience dreams. Based on what I’ve learned from my history with it, here are some indicators that may help you determine one dream from another.

  • Strange physics – when things or conditions in a dream are not normally possible, or at least very impractical, in our Earth plane existence. For example, jumping into deep water, and then walking through it as easily as you normally walk through air.
  • Movement – you perceive movement of some kind. It may be your self moving, as in flying or walking, or it may be objects and/or other people. It is not easy to describe, but understand that this is different than the stereotypical “falling” dream that people have.
  • Conversation – you have an interactive conversation with some one or some thing. One-way conversations where someone is telling you something often count as well, and so do background conversations, but if it’s interactive, it counts more.
  • Lighting – when you perceive lighting much as you would in the Earth plane world. It could be sunshine, moon light, indoor lighting, or whatever. Essentially, any type of lighting that gives some background or “reality” to where you are. Lighting that makes you feel like you’re actually some where as opposed to being in the film-like flatness of a normal dream.
  • Feels like an experience – overall, it felt like you had an actual experience, as opposed to just “having a dream”. At first, it’s very difficult to distinguish, but once you’ve had a few “experiences”, the difference becomes more apparent.

Last but not least, is visual clarity. Having a very visual/lucid/clear dream in and of itself does not indicate an experience dream. So don’t get stuck on the idea that it must be visual and clear. Generally, more clarity is nicer than less, but you need more than just clarity to call it an experience dream.