People are often comfortable when conversing with another person, or talking amongst a small group of friends. But when it comes to public speaking, they get the butterflies. They’re afraid to appear inadequate.

My mediumship is similar. I have all kinds of conversations with my spirit folks, either individually, or in small groups. It doesn’t work in quite the same way as it does with my Earth plane friends, but nonetheless, I’m very comfortable with it. Doing message work, readings, and the like is analogous to public speaking, where you get a little nervous and are afraid to appear inadequate. Generally speaking, I’m really not all that nervous about doing the work in a public speaking kind of way. It’s more that I don’t get that many opportunities to do it, and over time, the lack of them can build in a sense of insecurity that really doesn’t belong there.

I was in an online forum where a seeker was asking about how to remove negativity/negative energy/negative spirits/what have you. I received a couple of bits of information about where the problem was located, and the type of problem it was. I was a little apprehensive about sharing it, as I hadn’t done any “public speaking” through a written medium like a forum before, and of course, writing on the Internet stays around forever. But I took a chance, and the seeker was pleasantly surprised as the information I provided was appropriate to the situation. Verification is the medium’s treat.

I know that my spirit folks are eminently capable of many wonderful and beautiful things. I know this in a deep and profound way. The only thing I ever question is whether the communication of the moment is going to come across that way on any particular occasion. I was very happy that it did, and more importantly, that it helped improve the seeker’s situation.

This work provides some food for thought. I’ve never met or spoken with the seeker. The only contact I’ve had has been through a couple of short text conversations in the forum. The situation was located in another country, thousands of miles away, and on top of that, one that I’ve never been to. Not that I’ve been to many.

In my mind, it shows once again that Earth plane distance as measured in miles and kilometers just doesn’t matter. And a connection with a seeker is a connection, essentially regardless of how it’s established or how communication over that connection occurs.