I came across a blog that got me thinking about how Spiritualism differs from other religions. The premise of the article is as follows:

The world seems wrong and we want to see it made or remade right.

Every religion worth anything addresses this dilemma in two ways. First by requiring that its adherents practice both charity and justice here in this life. And second by extending the hope that such unfairness will ultimately be rectified, if not in this world, then in the next.

My view of Spiritualism is that it does not require you to practice charity and justice. Oh, you’d be very wise to do so, and perhaps you ought to, but you have the responsibility of making your own choice. If you choose not to, then it pretty much means that you’ll take a lot more lumps and bumps in life than you might otherwise have. And just like it is with any other lesson in life, the lumps and bumps will continue, over and over again, until you make some constructive choices and changes towards something more positive. Once you make changes, the positive consequences associated with those changes will start accumulating. Over time, the balance of positive/negative will start tipping in your favor, and things will be better.

This is supported by two of Spiritualism’s tenets. First, that you are personally responsible for your choices and your happiness and unhappiness thereof. Second, the Law of Cause and Effect. In essence, the law states that what goes around, comes around. In this case, choosing a path that is other than charity and justice will more-or-less create negative things, and the consequences of your choice and behaviors will come back to you. The lumps and bumps are not only a consequence, they’re also a wake up call. It’s like someone coming up to you and knocking on your forehead, saying “Hello. Hello? Hel-lo?? Wake up. Come on, wake up. We’re trying to tell you something.” As always, you have the choice to pay attention or ignore it. But it’s wise to observe such things and have an introspective counsel with yourself as to what you should do, or do next. And any repetitive pattern in your life should be a red flag that this process may be going on, and you should at least inquire to see if it applies.

I think Spiritualism extends some hope that unfairness will be rectified, but not like other religions do. My view is that Spiritualism would say to not concern yourself with things being fair. Cause and Effect will take care of the others who you feel may have been unfair to you, in it’s own good time, so don’t worry about them. Focus instead on learning the lessons that life is teaching you, pay attention when life is knocking on your forehead, and strive to be the best person you can be. The more you think good, do good, and be good, the more the Law of Cause and Effect can work for you in the positive direction.

It’s so easily overlooked, but it’s vitally important to know and understand that Cause and Effect works just as much in the positive direction as the negative. It’s a question of direction. And choice.