“Kitchen” is a timeless word to describe the place where you make all the delicious food that you like to eat. “Outhouse” is a word that describes the place you defecate in. It’s an old-fashioned word that is succinctly descriptive.

If you’re in the kitchen cooking up some wonderful food, the last thing you want is a strong whiff coming from the outhouse.

There are several good kitchens around the United States. Two of them have the same name – Cassadaga. One is in New York, and the other is in Florida. The one in Florida is having a few issues. Here is an article about a nearby horror movie, and there’s concern about the wind bringing a whiff of it into the kitchen. In the past, people have defecated right in the kitchen on Halloween, so now they have patrols just to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Think about it this way – when it’s time to eat, you’re hungry, and holding an empty plate, where do you go to fill it up, the kitchen, or the outhouse?

If the answer is so blatantly obvious, then why do people line up with their empty plates to get a fill at the outhouse? I’m not sure, but people can make whatever choices they like. Essentially, it’s a question of taste.

Speaking for my self, I’m happy to be standing in the kitchen with a shiny new plate, just waiting for a generous helping of delicious goodness.