I’ve never been big on ghost stories, and after becoming a medium, even less so. But here’s one I’ll share with you, because it is in an area that I used to live very close to. Rochester, New York, United States, is a smallish city, and is situated within a short drive of what used to be Hydesville New York, which is where the Fox Sisters are credited for discovering modern Spiritualism.

Duran Eastman park is a beautiful place, right along the shore of Lake Ontario. I have been there many times, but had no idea that there was a ghost story behind it. Apparently, there is a Lady in White who hangs out in the park. There’s a variety of stories around why she’s there.

The photos in the above link are interesting to me because it’s neat to see what a place looked like when it was being built back in the early 1900’s, and now I finally know what the stone wall in the park was for. The photos with “ghosts” in them, not so much. Spirits don’t appear so well-defined when you see them. But I didn’t see any references to the photos being passed off as the real deal, so it’s ok.

They say that she disturbs lovers in the park. Perhaps she does, but either way, it’s a bunch of baloney. My wife and I had our first date there, we’ve been married five years, and we’re very happy. So don’t let it bother you! 😉