If you haven’t heard, there’s a case in the US where 16-year old Ethan Couch was three times the legal blood-alcohol limit, had valium and THC in his system, and drove drunk. He killed four and injured two others. That’s bad enough as it is, but on top of that, the defense was able to avoid the 20 years of jail time that the prosecution hoped for by coming up with an affluenza defense. Essentially, affluenza meant that the rich kid had never learned that there were consequences of his behavior from his rich and affluent parents, and thereby wasn’t responsible.

Here’s an interesting article that examines the psychology around affluenza.

Murder, rape, and similar crimes have spiritual effects, for the perpetrator, the victim(s), and others. (Note that “spiritual” is not automatically synonymous with “good”.) I’ve asked the spirits for the spiritual back story behind these deplorable human behaviors many times before. What would the spirits would say about this one? They’re not talking, but it would probably go something like this:

This incident was not an accident, from our perspective. It has (and will) serve multiple purposes. We shouldn’t have to say a word about how ignorance is not a defense, and how what goes around, comes around, because you already know these things.

I’ve always wanted to understand the general reasons behind these behaviors, as opposed to the details of the specific situation at hand. I thought that wanting the general reasons instead of the specific ones might improve the likelihood of getting a better answer, but it hasn’t. The most I’ve ever been able to get is roughly the same as the above.

Be that as it may, one can always send out prayers for all concerned, that they learn the lessons they need to in order to progress.