How spiritual are you? Today? Right now? Guess what – there’s an  app that lets you monitor your spirituality in real time. My very first thought was that it was ridiculous, but out of my desire to be open minded, I checked it out.

There’s a study that is trying to get a qualitative handle on what our spirituality is like on a day-to-day basis, and the app helps gather data from the study participants. It seems to me that the researchers are sincere about getting genuine information from the participants. But I wouldn’t be surprise to find that many people will think this is crazy, arbitrary, and ridiculous. Probably because they keep their spirituality in the closet for the most part. They bring it out every once-in-a-while to give it a little air, and then put it back right away. Like it’s a separate part of their life that’s not attached to the rest. To me, that’s no more true than saying your closet is separate from your house. But it depends on how you like to live your life, I suppose.

Monitoring health and fitness are not only accepted, but are encouraged. But the physical is only one aspect of our existence. The mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects are just as important. Maybe it’s time for the physical to move over and make a little room for the spiritual. Who knows, given enough time, perhaps we’ll monitor the mental and emotional too.

In any event, they want a lot of people for their study, so if you want to participate, check out the above article and then head over to their site.