I’ve done a lot of work with the spirit board over the years. And I can tell you that it can cause major problems, even when it’s handled well. It’s one of those things that I wouldn’t suggest anyone do without getting some background knowledge beforehand. Nonetheless, there’s aways someone out there who will put together a short cheat sheet or other how-to-do article. I happened across this link that outlines 5 steps for getting started with the spirit board in a safe manner. Actually, it’s not bad, for what it is. But it still leaves me uncomfortable. It’s like an offer to get a 4-year college degree in 12 months with only two nights per week, while you work from home. And you won’t owe any tuition afterward because your work at home job covers the expense of it, along with your living expenses. Ummmm… yeah. There’s a whole lot of depth, involvement, and back-story that’s not being told here.

There are safer ways to contact spirits. But if you’re going to do spirit board, get some education and experience with spirits and mediumship first. At that point, the 5-step program might help.

By the way, Ouija is a trademark of Hasbro.