Below are the posts from my original blog. Spirituality and mediumship are timeless, so they still have value.

I used to blog on a fairly regular basis, and did so from April 2008 to February 2015. But I never drove traffic to my blog properly, so I finally stopped blogging.

Around the time when I stopped blogging, I discovered Quora is a Q&A site with some social media aspects to it. The name may sound a bit strange, but it actually stands for QUestion OR Answer.

People on Quora always have questions, plenty of which are about mediumship and spirituality. By writing there, I found it much easier to reach people. I enjoy answering questions and helping people. I’ve been writing there since 2016. So far, I have answered spiritual questions from over 1,000 people, and have gained a following.

My content on Quora is mainly in my space, which is called Musings On Mediumship. If you follow the space, you can be notified whenever I post new content.