Abstract image with multiple colors like healing energy

What is healing?

Healing is a form of mediumship that restores health and well being in all four realms of existence – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Healing is a form of both mental and physical mediumship. Spiritual healing can reduce pain and suffering, lessen or eliminate symptoms, and promote quicker recovery. The positive healing energy that comes from the spirits through the healer is very powerful and can cure ailments and diseases, oftentimes after medical science has given up and the patient comes to the spiritual healer as “a last resort”. But spiritual healing is not a substitute for seeing a doctor.

There should be no contest between medical science and spiritual healers. Each have the same goal, which is to restore and promote health. It should not be an either-or proposition – use them both for your benefit, in any combination, as needed.

How does this work? There is a lot of positive energy freely available. Where does this positive energy come from? Positive thoughts and actions are a source of positive energy. The healer raises his or her vibration and becomes the pathway for the energy to come through. The spirits around the healer (who are healers themselves) can also come through the healer to work on the person in need. Since the healer is just providing the avenue for the energy and spirits to come through, it is mediumship.

Laying on of hands vs. absent healing

Laying on of hands

How does healing take place? You sit down on a comfortable chair (like a padded piano stool) and just relax. The healer stands behind you and places their hands close to you (they typically touch very little). The healer often works through the aura to promote healing. The healer will start at the top of your head and work down your back and shoulders, then come around the front and work the kneecaps and shin down to the ankle. The healer will work on the areas that need it according to Spirit’s directions. The healer will often hold your hands for a few moments and/or talk with you just before the healing is completed. Be sure to say thank you.

Absent healing

Healing can also take place without the person who needs it being physically present. This is called absent healing. The healer can put themselves in a meditative state, for example, and become the pathway for the positive healing energy to flow, which can be sent forth to anyone, anywhere.