About Joe’s Blog and transition to Quora

Below are the posts from my original blog. Spirituality and mediumship are timeless, so they still have value. I used to blog on a fairly regular basis, and did so from April 2008 to February 2015. But I never drove traffic to my blog properly, so I finally stopped blogging. Around the time when IContinue reading “About Joe’s Blog and transition to Quora”

Look Mom – no hands!

Kids like to share their success with people they care about, like their mothers. Ok-ok, I’m not a kid, and you’re probably not my mother, but nonetheless, I’d like to share some success with you.

Birth of an SME

I remodeled alseyon.com 9 months ago. That was like giving birth. Nine months later, I’ve given birth again, to something a little different.

New life in an old fight

There are a number of popular cynics that condemn life after death and/or mediumship. One of them has a $1 million dollar challenge around it, which has been in place for years. Personally, I don’t give a hoot about proving anything to anybody, least of all to someone who is cynical to begin with. AsContinue reading “New life in an old fight”

Spirit Marco Polo

It’s nice to think about summer weather while we’re in January. Here’s a thought – do you remember Marco Polo? We used to play Marco Polo in the pool from time to time, and it was fun. When it comes to being aware of the spirits, it’s not quite a game of Marco Polo, butContinue reading “Spirit Marco Polo”