Scales of justice representing Natural Law

What is Natural Law?

The philosophical component of Spiritualism is Natural Law. It consists of many laws, including the laws of Vibration, Attraction, Cause and Effect, Continuity, Harmony, and Thought.

Law of Vibration

There is a quality of the universe called vibration. Every thing and every one vibrates. Vibration can be thought of as being on a scale from low (and slow) to high (and fast). Your vibration is low when you are depressed because you have lost your job or have turmoil in your family. You walk into a room where two people have just had a violent argument and you can “cut the tension with a knife” the vibration is low also. When you get up in the morning, it’s a beautiful day and you have that feeling that “everything is perfect” or you are feeling love for someone, the vibration is high.

Vibration is more than your moment-to-moment happiness or unhappiness. When you walk into your aunt’s house, the vibration is different than it is when you walk into a friend’s house or your workplace or a church or an auditorium. The feelings you have are somewhat of an indicator of the vibration.

Things vibrate the same way people do. Buildings, cars, trucks, bridges, roads, houses, hills, mountains, and streams. Rocks vibrate – it is just so slow and solid that you don’t normally perceive it.

Animals and plants vibrate. Cats, bats, rats, dogs, hogs, spiders, snakes and elephants. Trees, plants, flowers and grass vibrate too.

Color is vibration – black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and white.

The God of your understanding is of the highest and purest vibration.

The person you are, the way you treat others (and your self), the things you do (and don’t do), and the way you live your life largely make your vibration what it is. Your vibration is built up from life’s everyday experiences and how you approach and handle them. Positive thoughts help bring about positive (higher) vibration.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. The simplest way to see this law in action is to look at your self and the people around you. The people you are the most comfortable with and relate to are of a “like mind” in some way. Look for the similarities in the people around you – family, co-workers, and friends – their attitudes, opinions, outlook on life and spiritual makeup. Now think about the people who you can’t stand, are very uncomfortable with and don’t want to be around unless you have to. See the difference? Like attracts like.

Apply this law with the Law of Vibration. Your vibration is determined by who you are and how you live your life. People with a similar vibration will be attracted to each other (on a spiritual level). If you are a hateful, jealous and cruel person then you will attract people who are hateful, jealous and cruel. If you are a kind, loving, and warm person, then you will attract people who are kind, loving, and warm. The Law of Attraction operates in the spirit world also. You tend to attract the spirit people that are “just like you”. As you live your life closer to God (and Natural Law) your vibration raises and people of a higher vibration will be attracted to you both on the Earth plane and from the spirit world.

You can see the Law of Attraction and Law of Vibration working together when a person makes genuine, positive changes to their life. Alcohol abusers who quit the habit are a fine example. Initially, the abuser’s life revolves around getting drunk. Their “drinking buddies” lives also revolve around getting drunk. They are together because they have something in common they can relate to, similar needs, interests, and outlook (i.e. have a similar vibration). When the abuser changes his or her life and stops drinking because they honestly “don’t need it” (i.e. have begun progressing spiritually) the drinking buddies fall by the wayside. The abuser is not interested in the drinking buddies (and vice versa) because he or she is “not like them” anymore.

Since the abuser’s vibration is now a bit higher and different than the drinking buddies’ vibration, the attraction for them is broken. The Law of Attraction hasn’t stopped working at all – before long, the abuser will be with other people whose vibration is also “a bit higher”. Like is still attracting like.

Law of Cause and Effect

In physics, for every action there is an equivalent reaction. In spiritual matters there is a similar rule – the Law of Cause and Effect. The common phrase for this is “what goes around comes around”. People seem to have a more immediate understanding of this law because they can apply it to the negative. Ask someone about “what goes around comes around” and you will most likely get a story about how they hurt a person in some way or did something that was really rotten and it “came back to haunt” them or an event occurred that “made it all even”.

Natural law is unbreakable, and there are no exceptions. You may have done something that was very rotten and think you have gotten away with it. There is absolutely, positively no “getting away with it”. It may take a while for the effect to come back to you. It may take years. It may take a lifetime. It may not happen until you have left the Earth plane and are living in the spirit world. But come back it will. You may not recognize the connection between the effect and its original cause but there is a link in there somewhere, whether you ultimately learn what it is or not. This includes your thoughts. Keep this in mind when you are about to unduly criticize someone or wish something horrible upon them.

If you have done some of those “really rotten” things and are suffering from the consequences of those actions you are not doomed. Yes, you will have to pay for those transgressions and you won’t get out of it. But the Law of Cause and Effect, like other Natural Laws, works in both the positive and negative directions. You can stop the negative thoughts and actions and replace them with positive ones, and before long those positive effects will be coming your way. Start with something simple like a heartfelt “have a good day” to the next person you meet. You don’t have to “perform a miracle” in order for this to start working. Remember that Natural Law is always working. Start small and go from there. You will be amazed at the results. You will have a whole new appreciation for “what goes around comes around”.

Law of Continuity

The Law of Continuity states that Natural Law is continuous and applies to both the Earth plane and the spirit world. Life is continuous. You don’t die. Your body does. Your body is a physical thing and you are not. You are spirit (“essence”).

What is the shape of water? Shapeless. Water assumes the shape of the container it is put in. When the water evaporates into a cloud, the container can not hold it any longer and is discarded. The cloud used to be water and still is water, although in a changed form.

In the same way, spirit is shapeless. Your spirit is in the container called your body. When you “die” your body can not hold your spirit any longer and it is discarded. You remain the same, although there is a change of form. Your personality, attitudes, thoughts, actions, sense of humor, your “essence” is unchanged.

Life is continuous growth and progression, both here and in the spirit world. When you get to the spirit world you are going to keep growing and learning (unless you choose otherwise). Part of that growing and learning may be to teach others the things you have learned (the way your spirit teachers teach you now). Your spirit teachers are teaching and learning at the same time. Some of them may be around you for a while and then leave because they have other people to teach (or need to learn something themselves). Others may be around you for a very long time.

Everyone is always learning life’s lessons and becoming better people – leaving the Earth plane (“dying”) and living in the spirit world is merely one transition in that process. Dying doesn’t call everything to a halt. Life is continuous, and so is Natural Law.

Law of Harmony

When you listen to good music, you appreciate the sound you are hearing and how it all blends together as one. Everything sounds “just right”. Often you are not paying attention to this “blending together” as you are listening because the band is in harmony and all the instruments are in tune. But if the piano is badly out of tune and the guitar has a broken string you would notice it. The sound would be off and the music not right until you tuned the piano and replaced the guitar string.

Your life is like a band that is always playing music. The song you’re playing is the song of your life, a song that is uniquely yours. Your music can be anything – classical, rock, folk, blues, rap, country, jazz, or heavy metal, it doesn’t matter, as long as it is in harmony.

The instruments in your band have to be tuned up and work together well to sound best. As you bring more instruments into tune, the music gets better because the overall harmony improves. Musicians are continually tuning their instruments so that they are always sounding their best.
Keeping your instruments in tune and in harmony with each other is an ongoing process. Of course, “stuff happens”. You just finished tuning the piano, then the lead guitar snaps a string and one of the drums needs to be replaced. You have that almost finished when someone hands you a new instrument you’ve never played before.

What are the “instruments” in your band? The important forces that affect your life. Work, school, family, friends, and your love life are some obvious examples. Your thoughts, actions, attitudes and outlook are more subtle examples. Your body is an instrument that needs tuning also – are you eating/exercising/sleeping too much or not enough?

How do you “tune” these “instruments”? By using your awareness. By staying in touch with yourself and responding to your needs. You can start by paying attention from moment to moment. “How much do I want to eat right now?” “Should I go to bed now or stay up for a while longer?”

Overeating is a common example of being out of tune. Your mind is busy telling you to eat and you’re not paying attention to the fact that your stomach is getting full and don’t need all that much to eat. Bring your eating and sleeping habits into tune by being aware of (and responding to) your needs.

Maintaining harmony in your life is a dynamic, ongoing process. This is not exactly the same thing as balance. The term “balance” implies a teeter-totter with two sides going up and down over a fixed point in the middle. Harmony is more of a smooth flow without any fixed point, a blending.
Take the time and make the effort to bring your life into harmony. Live in harmony with Natural Law. Improving your harmony can affect your vibration in a positive way.

Law of Thought

Have you noticed that people with a negative outlook seem to be surrounded by negativity and negative thinking in general? Think about these people who are chronically miserable – complaining that the world has short changed them, others are always getting ahead faster than they are, and how things could be so much better if only things were done their way instead. Their world is largely a reflection of the negative thoughts that they generate.

Thoughts, both positive and negative, play a large role in your life. Your thoughts and your way of thinking are part of your being and vibration. Everyone is living in an ever-changing sea of thought. The waves, tides, and currents produced by your thoughts has an affect on others (and their thoughts affect you too.)

Don’t dismiss this by saying that your thoughts don’t have an affect on anything. They do. Negativity, bitterness, and jealousy cast darkness over your being as surely as love, kindness, and compassion spread sunshine. That sunshine (or darkness) affects how you feel and react to things, and is also reflected towards others when you come into contact with them.

Thoughts are very powerful. Thoughts (with feelings behind them) are just as powerful as actions. Your thoughts (and your way of thinking) are the base for your being and vibration. Since “you are what you think” (to a degree), change your thinking for the better and you will change yourself as well. Of course, it won’t happen over night, but will change over time.

Your thoughts are not isolated to yourself. You don’t think in a vacuum. Thoughts with enough energy behind them can be perceived by others. For instance, how many times has a friend or relative called you on the phone and you tell the person that you had just been thinking about him or her? Or vice versa? You probably just take this experience for granted, but there is more to it. You sent out a thought (most likely subconsciously). Your friend picked up on the thought (most likely subconsciously) and was many miles away from you.

A phone call is a simple example that shows the point, but do not dismiss this whole idea as trivial nonsense. It is not. And it is not as easy as arbitrarily thinking whatever you want and having it immediately happen either. If it worked that way then everyone would be a lottery winner and never have to work again!! There’s no “faking” here, be genuine. It bears repeating – thoughts (with feelings behind them) are just as powerful as actions, and everyone is living in an ever-changing sea of thought. If your friend on the Earth plane is sensitive enough to pick up on your thoughts from time to time, you can be sure that the spirit people around you pick up on your thoughts also. Spirits are more sensitive than your friend on the Earth plane and can perceive your thoughts more easily.

Consider the implications. Thought can travel any distance and be perceived by others. Thought can become a method of communication. Thought is the basis for Spirit communication. Spirits send a thought which is perceived by the medium and passed onto you.
Both thought and action are subject to Natural Laws. For example, if your thinking and outlook is negative you will draw negativity toward you (through the Law of Attraction). On the other hand, positive thinking and outlook will draw the positive toward you.